Outlines of my experience as an artist…

AwarnessThe uncertain and uncontrollable challenge faced by an artist is to translate something inexplicable and  its “purpose” by means of a visible and tangible language. What is to be said just happens… Sometimes even without our consent…
Wrapped in the sweet ideal to rediscover and somehow touch the divine spark, Art demands to turn upside down our inner self towards the outside crossing time and space without being aware of it. Immersed in the multiple feelings and sensations I open my soul to others through a canvas, the word or a keyboard. An inner voice suggests me to explore, to go deeper…Driven by an urgency to communicate, intuition and technique come together in the search for excellence, but is only through constant practice and a strong commitment that process begins to unfold.

In this journey of becoming, sometimes on foot and others in the wings of the imagination, I have found real and imaginary friends; encountered great teachers who generously share their experience and wisdom and a fervent desire to learn. Speckled with curiosity, wonder and passion I attempt to cast a language of my own, one that I offer to your consideration.

Art has privileged me with the possibility of sharing its magic. It has drawn me into a fervent one, in love with life, nature, beauty and the limitless potentialities of the human being to create. Art establishes an alliance, a promise impossible to break. May a fool escape to its delirium? As artist I do not try to “save” myself, I enter every day more in that infinitude, that certainty that through my daily work in the Studio I am just unveiling my destiny. While drawing up a sketch, jolting words or incessantly repeating a musical phrase, I feel I am drawing, writing and singing my history, dreaming of the future and shaping the Nowadays.

Mercedes Calcaño


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