I Undid the Tie and Lift the Lid… Many Lives are Required to Describe the Gift.

To Ali, Joseph, Teresa, Debora, Patricia, Dave, Gary, Noam and Mick …

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“The language of friendship is not words but meanings”.
Henry David Thoreau




Many deep and beautiful things have been said about friendship; is one of those things that linger across all times touching hearts and transforming them subtly and permanently. Friendship weaves itself without prejudices and enjoys entangling infinite shades of the rainbow colors in a shroud eternally woven and unwoven in infinite patterns of vulnerability, love and courage that infects the Universe with our humanity.

Friendship can pay a visit or stay forever, it can be abated by change, distance, disloyalty and betrayal and take flight in search of new horizons. But the land that guarded the seed and nurtured it shall not forget, and endure the wheel of life, providing support to ancient roots and making room for new seeds to come.

I truly believe that luck has nothing to do with friends, I see it as a sacred ritual in which The Divine shows up taking different forms to aid in the accomplishment of spiritual tasks and in return experiences life in its most primal and raw facets, those of imperfection and impermanence.

In Friendship, the simple and ordinary goes for a ride, unaware of the complex and extraordinary sitting next to it; is such a natural and generous abundant act that is easy to overlook.

Today we celebrate friendship.” Friend” might be a kind of wild card used in many settings as a collection of names, memories and events; a space for lightness and delightful sharing.

Friendship is so much more though. It is a language of the soul, written and read in meanings and actions. It lives in the pleasure of commonplaces and adventures, dreams and unforgettable moments and in the held hands and wiped tears of two souls locked in an embrace that forgoes separateness.

True Friendship does not hide behind excuses, is not threatened by the successes or annoyed by short comings. True friendship shows up, takes all patiently and courageously, speaks boldly when needed while and remains unchangeable. True Friendship is the macrocosms and all its mysteries contained in the microcosms of our hearts.

Friend is a word charged with possibilities, a sacred gift disguised as day-to-day life, bringing the best of us to light while dressing up with smiles, laugh and true caring.

I am then calling up to celebrating an ancient rite imprinted in Heaven and binding us together, today I celebrate an Invisible dwelling in the hearts of mankind, nature and everything in existence.

With deep gratitude I surrender to it…


Happy Valentine’s Day to all you my readers and companions, I thank you for bringing the best in me as well…


How to Tame Your Dragons… Or Train Your Adult!

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”
Edith Wharton

Candle light magic by Donal Zolan

There are times when I feel like no matter what I do, I seem to be glued to my circumstances, habits or moods. I am riding this invisible and “unfair” roller coaster with short high peaks and very long and steep descents. Fear is in charge and I cling to excuses to be able to bare my disappointment and guilt.

Guilty as charge! I know what I am doing, somehow the action button has stopped working and my I my inner charger have completely collapsed. My mind runs wild looking where to hide from the critic witnessing my failure and shouting to get over it and move on.

My heart jumps like a ping pong ball into the fired up field of “I “can do it!” and that of “why bother!” Yes, I am in the middle of an inner war, one in which present, past and future become an explosive blend threatening torn me apart.

Emotions are strong and ready to overpower me. I learned that I need to welcome them and let them do their job; still they remind me about where I am at this moment and it is not easy to accept and forgive myself.

A little bit ago a mentor invited me to register my choices and thoughts for a couple of weeks. Because I have a “narrative” soul smitten by metaphors, I decided to call upon my shadows, dragons and daemon to do so.

Long before my task was over I had discovered my tendency, or I should say “addiction,” to lean upon my faults and worse; a weird pleasure to go over every detail and edge of my shortcomings and disowned selves.

Nobody with that long “criminal record” and “monster-like” personality should be allowed to rise above herself, leave the dungeon and join the pleasant and pure environment of the world and the “others!”

While I share this, the wiser part of me smiles in astonishment, the jester makes jokes about the ridiculous thoughts and the critic gloats- “I told you so”. Faraway though, a little girl hides sad and afraid that I betrayed her secret and she will never be loved or forgiven.

This little girl truly believes that somehow she was born cursed and her task is to atone for the amazing baggage she carries. She has no idea how it came to be, only that she is not worthy of love, success, fulfilling her dreams and so much more. Her life space and time has been devoted to do everything in her power to change and learn to be “good” unaware of the high price she is paying for it.

What did I manage to see the little girl cowering in a corner of my soul?

Tracing back my fear of being exposed…
It is not about being ridiculed or criticized; is about finding out that “they” are right. A part of me is terrified of being a “fake” and as such, it prefers to stay invisible.

Because behind invisibility there is still hope…

How many of us settle for a small life to protect the halo of light still burning in our souls? How fiercely we hold to the idea that it could be irremediably taken from us?
I know I have…

You surely had heard about limiting beliefs and probably as me; have tried many techniques to get rid of them once for all.

How is that working for you?

Here is something I discovered a little while ago…
My limiting beliefs might suck, but many of my virtues and qualities I own to them. In my need to compensate I have develop strengths and tools that serve me well today.

They are part of me and they were born to protect me, to make sense of what I was experiencing at a time where nothing or nobody else stood up for me.

As well as the external influences, these internal ones have help modelling the person I have become in good ways. Thus, I am willing to update and reframe their utility.

This means finding balance between the lessons learned and the possibilities offered by more supporting beliefs and learning when to rely on the old ones to keep me safe and when to lean into the positive ones.

This, though, is adult work and as such it works in a slow and many times messy ways.

How I am training my adult?

The first step is to be aware of the moments where my old beliefs take over and fly to defend me without asking my permission.

In my case, they spill the beans all over the place. I become reactive, feel pain and see myself acting like the “monster” I am so against and afraid to be! Afterward, I get angry at myself, close my heart and go back to that place of hopelessness and dis-empowerment that started the … “thing.”

The second step: name it. Call upon the habit, “strategy”, behavior and allow the feeling behind to be. Then call upon the strength and breathe.

Disgusting I know! I am so proud of being smart and I so hate to prove myself wrong! Plus, I have to deal with the gloating brat telling me – you failed again! I am still looking for the volume switch to turn it off so I can hear my beautiful qualities signing along!

The third: afford yourself the same compassion you will offer others.

Remember, it is a process where many inner selves need to be listened to and comforted. Even if sometimes it feels like a kindergarten out-of-control-conspiracy or a teenage rebellion; they need to know our adult part is in charge and is taking good care of them.

Last but not least, trust that you are not alone and no matter how difficult things might seem, impermanence rules the Universe and the Sun shall rise again…

For a perfectionist like me, self-compassion and trust are quite a challenge, and as you saw above, I am still working on the other 3 too. Good old life school is resisting graduating me!

For a little kid scared of being exposed and rejected, this is a breaking point, one in which her soul whispers – you are not alone…

There more we dare to face our imperfections, the more our little lights come together and the greater the splendor.

Good to be back.



Special thanks to Noam Kostucki, for always asking for the best in me.

Image Credit: Candle Light Magic by Donald Zolan in http://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/563035/


Returning to Words

“And now you’ll be telling stories
of my coming back
and they won’t be false, and they won’t be true but they’ll be real”
― Mary Oliver, A Thousand Mornings

Destiny Calls pic 1

Hello dear friends,

It has been a little while and I have missed you…

The New Year presented itself with cross roads, reflections and urges.
I must apologize for abandoning you, while not in my heart, I did so in these pages.

It has been a time to build resilience and courage to face the challenges and stand up to the opportunities ahead.
As the Phoenix, I am born again into a new Reality… Or perhaps, illusion?
We shall see soon enough.

For now it remains a mystery and that… That is part of what must “grow”…

Ready to take off?